About Me

Married to my college sweetheart and best friend, Casey, in 2005.

We have two amazing children who make me laugh every day.

I am so thankful for Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice he made for me.

I am a self-taught photographer with lots of help from some amazing photography blogs and Jasmine Star’s workshop in 2010.

My degree is in nursing.  I am employed at Community Medical Center as a Registered Nurse in the Recovery Room.

I don’t do mornings.  It’s rare to see the whites of my eyes before 9am.

Costco consumes our paychecks.

I would be satisfied to travel around the world the rest of my life.  My husband, however, would be content to never leave the state of Montana.

In high school, a 600 lb moose t-boned my car.  No one was injured but my car was totaled.

I believe you can never have too many pictures.

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